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Great service, Customer support was also great. done everything i wanted ASAP. Ill definitely be buying from theme again in near future :)
May-07-2016, 17:57:28 PST
Sixth time to buy gold,still very good, Keep it up, guys!!!
May-07-2016, 17:56:32 PST
tony fasho
Very NICE service and they work with you through Livechat
May-07-2016, 17:55:07 PST
The deliver service is good, Customer service is nice :P
May-07-2016, 17:54:22 PST
i got all my products: my gold , and firecape !!!!! super trusted! love the site guys!!!! keep it up :)
May-07-2016, 17:53:34 PST
Great site, trustworthy, even no need contact live chat sometimes
May-07-2016, 17:52:15 PST
May-07-2016, 17:51:12 PST
I paid a echeck, hope 3-5 days later can get my GP
May-07-2016, 17:49:54 PST
Thanks very much for all this good information!Q...
May-07-2016, 17:48:58 PST
Oh what can i say ? 4RSER is amazing and absolutely FAST & LEGIT. Best deal i have ever made in my entire life. I even try to reach and contact the Live Chat for a customer representative and they answer back truly quick and efficient. Everything was just great. I will definitely recommended my friends to go 4RSER.COM. Thanks so much again, guys!!!A+++++++
May-07-2016, 17:48:02 PST