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Sold 1b with no problems. Operator was very easy to deal with.
May-06-2016, 22:17:16 PST
I just bought 100m for about the 10th time. The delivery was very fast and the service is always amazing. Alice and Athena are the best!! :)
May-06-2016, 22:15:10 PST
jean francois fugere
Great Seller. Fast and easy. Appreciated!
May-06-2016, 00:48:11 PST
Nicolas Bec
He is very nice, fast and legit, will be using in future for sure. Thank you again. 
May-06-2016, 00:46:49 PST
Great guy, all legit info, 10/10
May-03-2016, 18:00:24 PST
Very quick and professionally dealt with.
May-03-2016, 17:59:45 PST
thanks,sold me some gold very smoothly :)
May-03-2016, 17:58:39 PST
Very professional and cooperative. The trade boosted my trust on him by a lot
May-03-2016, 01:01:51 PST
Was quick and fast, he is awesome
May-02-2016, 23:03:56 PST

WOW, This site is wonderful, i have bought several times. trade smoothly and fast , will back again 

Apr-27-2016, 18:46:00 PST