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OldSchool service (2007 ) I bought 1000k GOLD Excellent & Fast take 3mins
May-07-2016, 21:57:18 PST
Awesome service, everything went smooth!
May-07-2016, 21:56:47 PST
Really quick, really awesome. TAHNKS, guys!
May-07-2016, 21:55:45 PST
Hands down, best service I've ever gotten from an RS gold site. I've been to two before and one had me wait a day and a half, and the other never got my gold to me at all. The customer service is genuinely helpful and I'll no doubt come back to this site and only this site.
May-07-2016, 21:55:06 PST
1000000000% legit very happy with the service
May-07-2016, 21:54:21 PST
easy to use no prob 10 stars LOVE IT
May-07-2016, 21:53:23 PST
Nice, thank you very much. All went well.
May-07-2016, 21:52:59 PST
it was my first time buying from this site and it was quick and smooth, i will be coming here when ever i buy gold.... thank you, 4rser!
May-07-2016, 21:52:36 PST
I loved the service this is the second time i've used it. Truly a great service.
May-07-2016, 21:52:09 PST
GOOD website, received my gold in less than 5 minutes! SIMPLE AND FAST TO GET WHAT YOU PAID. recommend them definitely!
May-07-2016, 21:45:29 PST