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I have been with 4rser since way before the eoc and rs3 and before they brought 07 out, they are legit. continue buying from them they treated me very very well, was scared when I saw it said I was flagged but Jee assured me I was safe and sure enough I was!!!! THANKS 4RSER
May-13-2016, 17:14:40 PST
Bought RS07 gold multiple time, always fast and easy. Would recommend
May-13-2016, 17:12:56 PST
Fast delivery A+++++
May-13-2016, 17:10:48 PST
Live chat was very helpful , first time ordering and they assisted me in seconds , answered all my questions. Alex is amazing!!!
May-13-2016, 17:09:23 PST
spent $500 + here, this is the best site i 've ever used for buying runescape Stuff. Thanks so much, 4RSER!
May-13-2016, 17:08:20 PST
Bought from here multiple times whether it be for gold or powerleveling and never had an issue! They are fast and reliable. I am currently selling one of my accounts on the website right now, we'll see how that works out.
May-13-2016, 17:07:29 PST
Legit website, finished power level before time said. Very Pleased with purchase:)
May-13-2016, 17:06:36 PST
Thank you
May-13-2016, 17:04:51 PST
AWESOME PRICES and Amazing service, my main language is Italy and they helped me a lot, they repeated again and again until we reached it! I will recommend 4rser to all my friends! Thanks again!
May-07-2016, 22:04:52 PST
Thank you
May-07-2016, 22:03:41 PST