Wonderbar Returns

Take some prizes purple week with just a treasure hunter and Wonderbar -!

Treasure Hunter opened their breast from 00:00 GMT on May 3rd to 23:59 GMT on May 8 for a fee and opening a number of great prizes.

With all the chest open, the counter and Wonderbar fill up. Once you reach the price you want to reach a class and Wonderbar the next price will be of that class, or even more rare.

Also, enable Adding Compensation to the Purple Gem, which, when activated at 100%, and make sure that the following price is a class of purple.

The higher the scarcity Wonderbar, will add more items to the purple bar, so be sure to fill it in order to get a chance to receive the best elements.

In the period of the offer, we will also give the case the original happiness that is available at the purple awards special items are: