The first player to win the hell with the old RuneScape school gets on real life

Old School RuneScape, a nostalgic, version led by the player's classic Mamo, gets tighter Solo's challenge today - hell.

Players find hell in the depths of the city's volcano, Moore's first arc. You can fight through waves of monsters and challenging challenges until you finally win the right to face the ultimate boss, Tzkal-Zok.

If you've won it, your paycheck is the hell head, the new best melee on the end of the slot. If you are the first person to get it, you will get a copy of the reality of life, and all the expenses will be paid to the annual Ronevast City Art Festival.

The lead product leader Matthew Kemp says: "Voting for each section of content that goes to RuneScape gold for old school gamblers." "In March / March, players were loyal to hell base players and apparently they are not afraid of a challenge, with 84% deciding whether they want to be part of the game, and even our target for doing this is to do veterans for fear of the old RuneScape earthquake."

Sounds good? If you want to get into hell, you have to fight the battle and have at least got one shot of the head that you have to sacrifice to reach. Bring it today, it's designed for Soloists.