Ménaphos, the Golden City, is accessible in RuneScape

Ménaphos is a first for RuneScape, Jagex and the active players for some 15 years around the world of the game. Indeed, it is the first time that so much content is added at once in this game that Operated so far according to a model using regular and light updates.

The Golden City comes with four new main quests, randomly generated city quests, a new dungeon for the Slayers, an increase in the maximum level to 120 for the Slayer skill and a graphic overhaul of the desert zone of the game At the same time, improve the graphics of a nothing ...

To allow all players to judge this new content, a weekend of free access is offered to them from Friday 9 June and until Monday 12 June, which will allow non-subscribers to discover for free the extension itself If only temporarily.

Most of the content of this extension is designed for players who are quite advanced, but Jagex has not forgotten beginners or low level players. Indeed, these new areas are rich in interesting bonuses for all players, including a 5% bonus to gain experience as part of training their skills. The quests of city of Menaphos will be very interesting to help them to progress and to equip themselves before they leave to other horizons to perhaps return thereafter.