Runescape: The golden city of Menaphos opens its doors

The pharaoh calls for a dance - For more than 15 years now, the MMO has been able to convince Runescape with its community-based fantasy worlds and receives new updates every week. Now the developer team of Jagex has decided to finally release one of the greatest mysteries in the Runescape world. Where for 12 years only a ruined ruin has adorned the desert, the gates to the golden city of Menaphos opened for the first time on June 6th.

Menaphos: The Golden City is the first of many planned extensions to be introduced instead of the weekly updates. These extensions include a whole package of updates and of course lots of new content - in a good old Runescape style always with a mythological painting. The first major expansion leads the players into a long-forgotten area below the Kharidian desert, where they will find themselves deep in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Menaphos was announced for the first time as part of the regularly held Runefest and met with positive feedback from the players' community. In addition to the popular British humor, which is also used in the desert metropolis, you will find four brand-new story quests behind the golden city gates, randomly generated quests within the busy city, and an extensive library in which you will revamp your knowledge of ancient mysteries can.

The expansion is, of course, primarily aimed at high-level players, so it is not surprising that the berserk among you can now upgrade their skills up to level 120. Crafting and collecting activities remain at the old maximum level for the time being. If you are a bloodthirsty berserker, you will find in the midst of Menaphos a completely new berserk's fate, in which you can gain experience and pick up objects.

If you do not get enough of glittering Loot, look around the city and you might spot the brandnew mini-game called "Wanderer Grüfte". In this labyrinth under the graphically reworked desert city, it is important to recover as many treasures as possible from the graves within a short period of time. However, your own orientation as a hungry monster stands in your way.