Go old school with Ronkab in Dedman tournament

I went to RuneScape old school with Dedman championship this season summer. Faced with the last few dead in Burbank at the end of this week, one of the crowns of his own as the last man standing.

Copy the old school of RuneScape used is probably one of the most famous versions of the game, Harchining back to the top of MBO's Bekeert early. So this famous site, even if you have not touched the game should be in about 10 years - got recently shipped thanks to Manavos works, but this version was not available at the end of this week.

Attendees of the funeral in 2000 fight to death, in return for a price of $ 20,000. Session of the Ministry of Defense hosted Archie, Shuni voice broadcast Borisbam and Skidler.

Dedman mode is the risk of all PvP mode that puts each of the old school RuneScape on the battlefield, with fast ZB prizes being incredible, contestants can build adventurers to build the warrior to compete against more than 2,000 players Dedman put around the world. You can view more information about the Dedman tournaments here.

Was a short presentation, where he was watched for about 45 minutes of continuous violence, but there is a certain charm for RuneScape, even in a huge free for everyone. It's fun if the hell to a minute Aspurts final tournament brand with limited animation and watch almost every drama when the two face off final.