Runescape August - next month

Sea Beach

There are plenty of sandy Alhinanegan all month of August as the beach returns to the pit Ombridj area. It's a great way to increase your skill level with a tropical twist.

Take it against the beast coach like Claudia lobster, try your hand in a shy coconut, or treasure hunt, build Sandcastel, battleships, Rokpolz, rolling beach ball, ducking, weight lifting, or a barbecue by hand Gates to the distraction of your favorite and brand new Tororberd race course! If all seems too hectic, it's also a great place to relax under the palm tree with a cocktail.

As well as a lot of stuff based on the existing beach, a lot of new bonuses have been added, unique this year, like the rest of the animation new swing or pet companion Sandcastel.

Performance System Part 2

Part 2 of the new acquisitions system we also hit the game this month, bringing some new features and improvements to interface based on continuous suggestions.

We have the player function where you can see and measure the other player's performance and measure them in the equations next to each other, even in comparison to the new level of performance we've added, awarded several points for each achievement you have , Based on the difficulty level.

We also added some new ones, for random fun, Manegams and some related issues to the Bmm meetings.

Crystal Skilchombas

A new type of enemy hunter north of Camp Tiras: Skilchomba crystal sought.

Like the other Skilchombas, it is a creature useful, which significantly increases the efficiency in training ZB in those higher levels of divination, fishing, mining and wood cutting. You'll find a huge amount of 97 Hunter in an effort to catch them, but they work just like crystal tools and offer great prices from Hunter ZB when you're done.

We also have a new bonus for all Saelichomba fish, where a high degree of agility makes it possible to catch multiple Skilchombas in the same fall.