New update brings crystal ferchillas & improvements

Many ways lead to the skill master, but in case of doubt, it is always good to have useful rodent support. This week we have a series of updates for the ferchillas for you? Including the release of Crystal Ferchillas, which Mod Timbo presented to you last week in Livestream next month.

Crystal Ferchillas

This new species of Ferchillas can be found in the forest of Isafdar near the coast in the north of Tyras' camp.Catch them from level 97 onwards and use them in Mystic, Fishing, Mining, or Woodcutting at level 61 to help you get the most out of these skills.

Ferchilla improvements

We have also made a number of improvements to how the ferchillas work in general, making them even more useful for your skill training: At each stage in agility, there is now the chance to catch several ferchillas at the same time and get EP for each captured ferchilla. From reaching certain milestones in agility is the chance to catch several ferchillas at the same time, at 100%. Ferchillas now work out of your inventory and when you handle them. Box traps can now be placed during combat. You will now receive EP for your Inventive Tools if a skill action with Ferchillas fails.

update notes

In the updated update notes, there is a lot to see again, with special highlights for players of the free version and all fans of the dungeon customer: Carapax and bat armor can now be equipped and manufactured by players of the free version. The cards for dungeon and dungeons are now open and are dynamically updated while moving around the rooms. Large dungeons can now be started with only 2 players. Crafting symbols for fishing, agriculture (plants and parcels), mining, woodcutting, prayer altars, and incantation obelisks are now displayed on the minikart at the dungeon.