RuneScape Mobile was released

Jagex has not yet specified when a new version of RuneScape will be launched on iOS, but we know next year: "RuneScape Mobile will follow in 2018," said Jagex.

We know that future mobile phone launches are optimized for these platforms, enabling a cross-project on the desktop and continuing the game with each other. Also that time you can use your mobile phone buy RuneScape mobile gold from

"Our player is valuable and therefore we want to give everyone RuneScape the chance to play RuneScape," says Senior Product Manager Neil McClarty. "Being able to play on a computer, leave your computer, pick up your mobile phone and continue playing wherever your character is left is a big problem for our gamers. There is really no debris that a customer needs."

It seems likely that a company will consider old school as a beta or start a soft start for a modern RuneScape program. Therefore, it is possible that the first is offered as a free or premium presentation for the concept, the latter being paid later for polished and upgradable even though the game is heavily rooted in a free model to play our belief in a Long shot.