Old school RuneScape goes prehistorically with fossil island

Jagex announced a new site had been very attentive for a long time for RuneScape old school for some time now. Players welcome to Fossil Island.

Fossil Island is an island prehistoric brand new exclusive to the world of old school RuneScape with adventures suitable for OSRS Gold players of all levels. The islanders will be able to discover the hidden ancient secrets of the old school past.

To get the Fossil Island players you need to build a ship and start a brand new quest. Once you get the players to face the new bone structure and Averns, work on new skills, and discover the fossil remains of the ancient history of Geleanor.

In addition, Fossil Island expanded the museum in Farouk, so that the players discover fossilized remains of the different creatures that exist between the island.

Thus Matthew Kemp, the first product at Old RuneScape School Director: "It was Fussell Island something of legend in RuneScape and society for a long time." Has been drafted documents first draft for more than a decade, so we were very pleased with the voice of the community RuneScape old school has overwhelmingly supported its development and release of the game. '