Venezuelan Gamers Change Runescape Gold by Bitcoins

Recently a gold mining activity has been reported in an online role-playing game called Runescape. The Venezuelan players, are selling the quoted treasures of the game in exchange for Bitcoins.

Gold Farming is an activity that consists of acquiring gold in online role-playing games and then exchanging it for some kind of real-world currency. This operation has always been seen as somewhat controversial. The sale began in China in 2009, where it is believed that up to 1 million players have come from farming.

To date the amount of money that has been obtained thanks to Gold Farming is unknown, but it is estimated that the amount can be close to USD 300 million.

In Venezuela, players enter Runescape to destroy as many green dragons as possible. The goal is to get the value of 500,000 gold in the game that would equal USD 0.50. On average, it takes an hour to make that amount, but there are Venezuelan players that manage to get between USD 2 and 3 per hour. They do this by destroying the dragon Zulrah, repeatedly. Destroy the monster is equivalent to 3 million gold coins.

Within the rules of Runescape is prohibited the practice of Runescape Gold Farming, in fact already reached the point in the published a thread on Reddit where they explain how to get rid of the Venezuelan players.

In Venezuela, the tokens of Role games are sold on the black market in exchange for BTC. One of the most common portals to carry out transactions is papusgold a portal that has been causally founded by Venezuelans.

Papusgold's operations appear to be quite private, as there is not much information. It is suspected that the company has its operations outside of Caracas. His Facebook page has about 4,000 followers. Papusgold aims to bring innovative tools within the country market.