It is Safe 100% to Purchase RS Account from Us

Exactly buying runescape account is the best thing for all RS buyers. Why? First, save time and money. If you are new comer of Runescape, you have to create a new character and level it from zero to the desired level you want, which will cost you much time and Runescape Gold to complete. During your working for this, you may meet much trouble, like some quests, you dont know how to complete them.

Second, safety. This is the question all buyer care about. We promise all accounts we are selling on our website now are guaranteed safe 100%. The accounts resources are not from the third party, all accounts are trained by our own guys, we have more than 1,000 Levelers team to work for account leveling, so it is hand-work products. In addition, you will see how do i know if you have recovery questions and recovery email or not. We will say “ NO “. We do not set any recovery questions and and link any email on the account we trained, so what you will receive is an original account with high levels on all skills you are interested in. Compared to other websites, you know their accounts are from suppliers and linked to email, you have to wait for around 30 days at least to change email to yours, which is not safe any way. And the email may not be changed to yours sometimes for some reasons. You will lose all in the end, time and money.

Then how buy runescape account works on our website? After your payment goes through, we will contact you to give you account information. And you can link the account to your own email instantly after log in your account. Sometimes, we will leave some Runescape gold on the account for your playing as new comer on it. Normally it is RS3 gold to be left on the account, any way, RS07 Gold is more expensive than RS3, it will raise our costs. We believe that everyone who tries to buy RS Gold and account from us understand.

Any guarantees after using the account for long time? Yes, we do. After using the account for half even one year, any problem happened on the account, like recovery, we would take full responsibility, we gave you full refund money even new same account instead. But, this never happened, that was why we could do this promises.

You can choose any account you like on our website now, all skills levels details listed on our website through screen shots, Combat level, total level, completed quests etc. Feel free to buy runescape account from us now.