Free to play content-add-ons and novemberfest

This week, we offer Tommy value content additions to new players, including Fleching, Quests, Armor and more (scroll down). You can also participate in our new season event in the game.

Rosette leaves were left where the beach party ended, and the Lumberbridge people took their gloves and scarves out of storage for another fast autumn season. To be so, any amount of wind and cold can make their minds easier. They are ready to celebrate again - it's Novtemberbist!

Vertical gains and striking Lederhusen proliferate for the next four weeks in this final skill. You can train the agglomeration of skills - from killer to prayer, farmers to call - without access fees and no customer service.

More roaming, single-type wolf? Watch out for the Gunter wagon, which will be in trouble every 3 hours in the free playgrounds. Zapp will flow to the adventurer who helps him!

Rewards? Of course there will be rewards! Apart from the opportunity to train with your friends in style, we offer a selection of pet-nouptemberfest theme, anime, clothing, equipment and an "animal party" title for those who give them all free Runescape gold players.