Behind the Kullissen in November 2017

The day before yesterday - November is here to bring a new adventure, combat pets, upgrades to revolution and the much anticipated finale of the damned dimension - and last but not least, a load of ninja updates!

Combat Skill Pets

Some time ago, we asked you to send us your designs for combat pets. This month, we're releasing eight rare and wonderful creatures - with designs that either come directly from or are inspired by players - on Gielinor! You can get these fight pets as well as Crabbe Berserker pet while fighting. There are:

- Shaman, the Summon Pet

- Newton, the magic pet

- Morty, the life-pet

- Kangali, the strength pet

- Sifu, the attack pet

- Wallace, the defense pet

- Funkli, the ranged pet

- Gudrun, the prayer pet

The pet collectors among you will be happy, because you can now earn up to three new titles: 'the champion fighter', 'the true champion fighter' and the glorious title 'the very best' for those who manage to grab all 27 craft pets. The names of the first players to get the new titles will be announced on all our servers in the notifications.

The adventure of the evil Dave

In this new retro adventure for newbies, the lovely, evil Dave is in the foreground. This Zamorak fan has been diligently working on a spell to arouse the attention of his idol, and plans to leave his mama's cellar to once and for all spread the EVIL throughout Gielinor. There are no god wars in this adventure, just jokes, riddles, puns and white knights. Do not miss out on this one!

Improvements for revolution

As I mentioned at RuneFest, we made some improvements to the Revolution Mode and how it works for combat. Do you want to fight as relaxed as possible? No problem, in Revolution mode, you can now automatically trigger medium and ultimate abilities as long as you have enough adrenaline. You can also change the size of the Revolution window in combat settings, just give it a try. And to make sure that everything is balanced between the different modes in the fight, we have increased the average damage done by the Retro Combat and Special Attacks.

Ninja updates

For Halloween, there were all sorts of scary faxes in the office. The Ninja team has not been deterred, but has put together a fantastic collection of updates for you. In the foreground were as always the little things with great effect:

Not only have they turned some of the other level 92 weapons into discolourable weapons, but they've also improved how you can practice building (it's now easier to add or remove things from your gambling house), they've made the news of good luck more explicit, and more your achievements turned into successes.

However, the biggest Ninja news of the month revolves around the improved gold magnet.

Improved gold magnet

Like its predecessor, the upgraded gold magnet automatically picks up the gold coins of your loot. The item is permanent - you can buy it with Dungeoneering Brands - and instead of wearing off over time, it deducts 10% of your gold loot. You can also unlock the ability to stash it in your tool belt, provided you have the berserker points for it!