No Need Bank Pin At All

Many Runescape Players like to save Runescape Gold and other valuable things in the Bank of his account. And they do not buy RS Power leveling or Firecape service on websites due to they worry about his account stolen after giving us bank Pin.

Actually, you dont worry about this thing. We would tell you what we need to use on your account before starting your Power leveling service. We request buyer to put all stuff we need on his inventory not in bank. We do NOT ask bank pin of your RS account on our website, so you can not see the bank pin space on our website while submitting order information.

For example, if you want to buy Range Skill Power leveling service, we after your payment goes through, we do not start your order leveling instantly. We will talk to you first and making sure how much gold or how many items we need are on your account. And we will ask you to set a bank pin if you did not set one. Just make sure we are unable to touch your bank, then anything valuable would not be disappeared. If you buy Range leveling from 40 to 99, we may request RS 2007 Gold 5M to work. That means you have to have 5M Gold on your account ready not in bank. Then we can finish your leveling without problem.

If you are going to buy Firecape from us, according to the requirements on our website says, you may need to have some special items ready, do not need RS Gold to work for firecape at all, unless you have very low combat level. Save the items we need in your Bank, then we can finish your Firecape within 4 to 5 hours fluently.

No matter what site you are trying to buy RS power leveling service or something else, they dont have any reason to ask Bank pin of your account now. Hope you have this reminder in your heart deeply, do not be scammed by some one then lose everything in the end.

We are legit website and tell you all trusted things about this on the site page, we also believe everyone who is playing runescape do not want lose his account either.