​The History of Runescape Games

Similarly, regardless of the large numbers of articles, McClarty says he is not discouraged.

"Players have to collect pieces of a rainbow that is scattered around the planet, and they put them together and make a rainbow-colored scarf."

Apart from a picture showing a rainbow that was pixelated, Mod Wolf said nothing about the event.

But the gamers themselves think the event's going to be destroyed no matter what happens, and that the external world will come away with the belief that homophobes constitute Runescape's full player base.  As Redditor Quiet_Rito points out, that is not entirely without merit.

That is it.  The roads of Falador shall clog.  It seems almost like the type of thing you could miss if you were not searching for it.  However, it's spawned such bile for a thread titled "Wolf, people like you're the reason discrimination still exists."

There was a call for an all-day in-game "riot" that claimed not to be "a riot from the LGBT+ community," but a riot "against Jagex sanctioning holiday occasions for each social/political cause under sunlight."  A Redditor named an response was posted by 18simpsonr:

Nevertheless, McClarty says that he does not regret the decision to incorporate the Pride event.

It is worth pointing out that portion of the problem, according to a post, is that Jagex claimed that Old School Runescape would mostly stay unchanged from Runescape's August 2007 form without surveys from the players.  No survey was conducted for this event that was very small.

"If people are spamming the display with improper things," he explained, "then obviously we'll take action against those people because there's no way that we condone that."

 There's a good deal of unfortunate noise at this time, which I would rather not have, but everybody at Jagex is supporting it and the huge majority of players are going to be behind it."

What is this calamitous Pride event that has thousands of players up in arms?

"One of the greatest reasons why Old School exists is that we actually wanted the community to feel like it is theirs to control," he said.  "We totally understand that gamers might feel like that 'bargain' or 'contract' has been broken when we encourage or promote stuff pieces of content with no state."

"I don't think it actually represents the whole community.  With everything that's happening in the world in the ,moment, why don't you just get together and allow people from any creed and some other race just get together and enjoy Runescape?"

"The backlash proves that there is more than needs to be done for LGBT equality, and we are kind of happy to play a very small role in that," he said.  "If this one little thing can make a smile on some people's faces Runescape this weekend, then why not?"

Kemp says Jagex does not plan on banning anyone who shows up to the above riots, which he imagines will consist of players merely displaying and spamming the screen.

"It is only a little fun," McClarty stated "We're a really inclusive company composed of lots of different nationalities and both genders, and we've LGBT individuals working across the business and we wholeheartedly encourage them and the wider LGBT community."

Neil asserts that the event is not political in "any way, shape, or form"--a Reddit article with 6,000 upvotes asserts the contrary--and points out that major game publishers like EA and Sony have adopted LGBT players.

The world wide web quickly filled in its conclusions.   And nearly as many enjoys as Mod Wolf tweet.  The fire spread to Reddit and the Jagex official forums, each of which soon got plastered with topics like "This isn't a dating website" and "Gay Pride, I quit" and "I am for equality, but a video game isn't the place to push your political views."  Some players simply asked why Jagex is including this kind of event once the chat log still censors the word "homosexual"

Kemp and McClarty were anticipating some resistance, but nothing like this.  In actuality, Kemp anticipated the same "massive outflowing of goodwill" he has seen in the numerous similar events Jagex has held to gain or celebrate the World Wildlife Fund, the YMCA, or the Prince's Trust.