The Best Magic Ever: OSRS Money-Making Methods for Magic Training

When it comes to OSRS gold making, skills are not created equal. Magic is among those that got the short end of the stick when it comes to its ability to generate wealth. But just because it’s not as good as other skills in that aspect doesn’t mean you can no longer use it to earn OSRS gold. Here are some of the ways you can do some money-making Magic.

Lunar Spellbook Method

The first method is the Lunar Spellbook Method. This involves the use of the spell Humidify, which fills any vessel that can carry water in the player’s inventory. To obtain this spell, you need to have level 68 Magic and finish the quests Lunar Diplomacy and Dream Mentor.

Now, to successfully use the spell, you need to have a lot of Astral, Water, and Fire Runes. As an alternative, you can use a steam staff or a water staff. You also need to have as many Empty Vials you want or need. Withdraw all your Astral, Water, and Fire Runes, and fill your inventory with Empty Vials. Finally, click the Humidify spell on a vial; this will fill all the vials in your inventory.

The Magic Training Arena

The second method is the Magic Training Arena Method. The objective here is to earn enough points to buy Full Infinity using the points you’ll be earning from the place.

As the method’s name suggests, you must first go to the Magic Training Arena, which is behind the Dueling Arena. To get there, use a Ring of Dueling and then go to the back. But before you do, go to the grand exchange and buy around 12000 Law Runes, 15,200 Nature Runes, and 270,000 Cosmic Runes. It’ll cost you a lot of RuneScape gold, but don’t worry about your expenses; you’ll get them back and so much more.

Once that’s done, go to the Magic Training Arena. Here, there are rooms where you’ll need to do specific tasks. In the Enchanting Rooms, it’s advisable that you use the Enchanting Room. On a related note, to get maximum experience, enchant with your highest enchantment spell.

The Next Rooms

Next would be the Alchemy Room. You’ll find some things that look like vaults. From them, you will be withdrawing some stuff. After you have a certain amount of said stuff, you’ll be informed that you have received an item. Alch this item in such a way that you’d get the most points from it. The more points you make, the more money you’ll be making later.

After that, go to the Graveyard Room. The objective in this room is to pick up bones and then turn them to bananas. Keep in mind that picking up bones will deal you a small amount of damage. You can eat the bananas to recover lost HP, but this isn’t an advisable move, as it’s much better to have as many bananas as possible, as you’ll be depositing them in the middle of the room. The more bananas you deposit, the more points you’ll be getting. Once your natures are gone, it’s very likely that you’ve already gathered enough points from this room.

The last room would be the Telegrab Room. In it is a maze where there is a statue that you must move to the middle using the telegrab spell. Accomplishing that gives you points. After finishing all the rooms’ challenges, you’ll have enough points for a Full Infinity, which you can then sell for a couple of million GPs.

Magic and money are not mutually exclusive, especially in a wonderful place like Gielinor. So, go on, do the Magic things you do and make gold with them.