It would impact the RuneScape gold game

It would impact the RuneScape gold game more. You would think no real person would mine pure essence; but when that pess is 150gp each and 100k on the skilling server is equivalent to 300k on the main game, it starts looking pretty damn good to a noob.

Players don't deserve to be showered with the best items and training methods. Players don't deserve to train cooking with 10gp grapes for half a million xp/h. The current game spoils players so much that they whine when anything isn't dirt cheap and added to PvM tables.

Yet the dev team didn't dump multiple torstol seed drops to every new boss. They just let it be. Before GWD there wasn't a single monster that dropped magic seeds in the game. Magic seeds were super expensive! How great was it when you were woodcutting and you pulled a magic seed.

With Nightmarezone gone there would be a market for pure rs gold swap essence! Another thing is limpwurts would actually be worth something again, they used to be one of the main money making methods are a F2Per. Dozens of more low level money makers would be viable for new players.

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