If you are an RS gold caster champion

If you are an RS gold caster champion, build it. This item gives the most AP if every item in the game. It amplifies all AP you have. Not more to say. Just don't build it as first item, because its very expensive and the amplification will be wasted.

Some may argue that Tear and FH makes Lux's early game as shitty as Kog, and that is partially true. But in situacions where you need a vast mana pool and high burst damage, tear is one of the stronger opitions. There are 2 problems with this item.

But it lowers my early game damage income. Running Mr is good even if agaist zeds and talons, cuz it helps agaists their teammates too. But the one I like the most is AP per level. It scales extremely well with Lux.

I started using 3 atkspd Marks to compensate on the rs gold today portion of the laning phase, better trading, and proccing of multiple minion passives while still kiting in between. As for the other 6, standart magic pen works, but against melee champions, double pen is nicer.

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