The location takes OSRS Gold up a massive

The location takes OSRS Gold up a massive chunk of space in the top middle area. That shouldn't be there. In the dark grey spot, there should be just a simple line that says what the current event is, where the general group is, etc. That entire bar is going to waste otherwise.

These are just quality of life changes. If Ice truly only gave out RuneScape gold to have this site made, I'm sure he'd be able to give more gold, or even just flat out pay cash, to grow the Cx Network and make it a better place.

I think it would be extremely beneficial for Ice and the community to start actively seeking more streamers to pull onto YouTube, or people that stream on YouTube already to start coming over.People in this community should start stepping up and making their own streams.

The Cx Network doesn't have to just be a website for one rs gold swap person to stream and everyone else has to serve as a potentially better camera angle.Unique talent is so key. It's only so fun to watch the same shit over and over again. It feels like everyone essentially tries to follow in the steps of everything Ice has done.

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