One question here RS gold was how does working

One question here RS gold was how does working at jagex differ from past companies. I'd like to answer that. Jagex gives me the opportunity to use all my creative abilities, they encourage people to use the talent they were employed for.

I always believe you should allow people to express themselves and then you get the best out of someone. I have more fun here than anywhere else and I believe if you have fun in what you do then others will appreciate that and have fun listening.

I want to vary the menu music. We have several options that would work and maybe we choose randomly between them all. Yes we want to provide variety of music in areas so players aren't stuck on the same piece of music.

We will try and avoid tracks cutting off quickly when you gold grateful are passing through areas. Skilling music - interesting idea. I would like the soundtrack to recognise when you are in one area or doing the same thing and the system to be sympathetic to that and adjust accordingly.