To start off there should RS gold be a daily floor

To start off there should RS gold be a daily floor cap for several reasons. Firstly, it'd slow down xp rates, which in turn would make chaotics and other rewards more valuable and gives them more of a sense of an accomplishment.

It'll stop people from abusing Complexity 3's for fast xp in Mining, Fishing, Woodcutting, and other skills. I'll delve deeper into this situation in the next section. The way I planned to set the daily floor cap was to limit your floors by 10 floors per day, plus an additional floor per levels in the skill.

Alchemy as a Magic training method. But that also means that when a Mod says Alchemy is the source of most inflation that may not be strictly true anymore, although it certainly may be the strongest contributor. Treasure Hunter itself is a small gold faucet, with drops, Lucky/other cash conversions.

It's computationally cheap to track gold sinks and faucets gold grateful all one has to do is log events when money is added or removed from the gold pouch. Summing up all of those events could be a monthly job said job may take a day or two.