It also will make OSRS Gold your carry

It also will make OSRS Gold your carry feel safer so he will be more concerned on cs than constantly guess where the enemy is to be ready for any play that he can do against him.Read the enemy laning plan by just checking what he bought and make your own.

As we all know this can be done with both small and big camps, but, which one you should chose well, in my opinion there's no better pull than :53 diagonal big camp pull since is a stack as well as a pull, even if it's done at :23 it will kill your whole creepwave denying a lot of exp of the offlaner.

If the enemy dont bring good rege to the lane you must prioritize the harrass over the pull strat since is quite more eficient and also demoralizing for the enemy who gonna ask for help to his team mates, which will release presure from your offlaner or mid if they do but remember,

You are the least important hero to save since you gold farming wont give away a huge kill streak and you wont lose that much money if you arent near blink or something like that so dont hesitate to bait or initiate by yourself.