A possible way to RuneScape gold change this would

A possible way to RuneScape gold change this would be introducing some abilities in the vein of EoC, specifically balanced for PvP. For example, melee could be focused on locking down targets within their range, magic could work with crowd control and sustained damage.

Once that is dealt with, the next issue to solve would be increasing weapon diversity. You might have noticed that I only gave out a single weapon for each tier expect for ranged weapons, but they have a different problem .

Or have the time/gold costs This could be achieved through price changes, added/removed quest requirements, vendor relocation, and numerous other measures. This would also include a smithing/mining rework that the devs have been talking about.

but dodgeable skills for large amounts of burst damage OSRS Gold This would be a significant and difficult rework, and my ideas are probably pretty crap but something to diversify the combat styles would certainly increased the skill cap and competitive depth of the game.