Add me in these custom lobbies and RuneScape gold they

Add me in these custom lobbies and RuneScape gold they often ask for tips, advice and whatnot. I normally accept them and am happy to listen to them, give them a tip or two and if they seem like a nice person I'll sometimes play some botlane with them.

Assuming this guy was one of those people seeking some advice or to ask how I got to my 'decent' rank, I accepted it. What unfolds though is not quite what I expected. He started asking if he could play on my account so he can try some skins.

So I told him about PBE and how you can test skins on there. I later suggested looking at SkinSpotlights' YouTube. After a while though it became evident that his goal was to be to scam me for my account. Instead of ignoring or blocking him immediately like I usually do.

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