The Legends promo RuneScape gold starts off every

The Legends promo RuneScape gold starts off every saturday and has a midweek update every wednesday. As I see it currently, we get 2 players every saturday to earn and 4 players within packs, all of which I believe will become earnable later today.

To be confirmed in 3 hours from the time of writing, I will edit the post then The reason why I love the Legends promo, when compared to Rising Stars and TOTW, is how easy it is to get players. Even the 79 OVR golds you get for the initial currency are really useful this early in the season.

And even if they aren't, you can easily cut them for 30 Legend Badges.30 legend badges is 12% of an 84 OVR player, and if this week is to go by you should have no issues getting 25% of an elite just by cutting the two golds.Further on, due to how easy it is to get these golds.

The marketplace gets flooded with them within hours and you OSRS Gold can buy them for pennies, maybe not dirt cheap like RS Fournette, but when I was building my Bruce Smith the average price of golds was around 8-9k.