Since I've been hacked RuneScape gold before and have

Since I've been hacked RuneScape gold before and have spoken to many other people that have been hacked in the past, I know that when you get hacked by a hacker, your email account gets compromised or your runescape account gets temporarily locked at the very least.

My rs account was never locked...the password and registered email were just somehow changed which I thought was very unusual. But knowing that I could not do anything about it, I left it at that.

It's also important to keep in mind that the night before, I was on a winning streak at the duel arena and wanted to go for the dream . I was advertising for a all in stake, and challenged anyone doing above 1b and put up hoping someone would call the stake.

Within the span of 1 week the same exact way password RS gold and registered email change, no locked account and no emails had been compromised. I spoke with the victims to hear their story and see if they were also mysteriously hacked by the same person.