My conspiracy wasn't RS gold really a

My conspiracy wasn't RS gold really a conspiracy, but a potential thing Jagex could do that in my mind, is probably illegal and if it isn't,it's immoral and will ultimately destroy the game. The conspiracy goes as follows.

They then could transfer that money to another account and sell the money to a trusted gold farmer. Think about it. Say a gold farmer buys OSRS GP each mil. How easy is it for me to be able to just simply generate.

If it's cosmetic and does nothing to the game, fine. The spins were already bad enough but now we have this bond bullshit? So basically in order to fix goldfarming, we're going to make gold farming legal except only us.

Jagex has lowered themselves to the likes of Fly For Fun, Maple OSRS Gold Story and any other company that sells expensive items for real cash. We're on a sinking ship and there's nothing to patch up the hole. Welcome to pay to win, everybody. Pay to win.