Yes I want to vary RuneScape gold the menu

Yes I want to vary RuneScape gold the menu music. We have several options that would work and maybe we choose randomly between them all. Yes we want to provide variety of music in areas so players aren't stuck on the same piece of music.

Skilling music interesting idea. I would like the soundtrack to recognise when you are in one area or doing the same thing and the system to be sympathetic to that and adjust accordingly. Gentle ambient themes for skilling sounds good to me.

We want to implement emotional music and silly music! Runescape is a real smorgasbord I've been dying to use that word of moods and styles. We don't want to lose that. If we can get players to laugh along with us or cry along with us then we're doing our job properly.

It's certainly not all serious now and we enjoy RS gold writing fun music. Mod Ian's Cheese Wheel rolling music springs to mind ;) The larger orchestral pieces need their place or their moment. Most won't sit as area music, we use them for front ends and epic moments.