Here's a little snippet of RS gold how I've been treated

Here's a little snippet of RS gold how I've been treated in OldSchool RuneScape. I am not just your average player that hasn't yet realized that the community of OSRS can be pretty toxic at times. I have logged over 11k hours in this game and I am ranked in the top 250 on the high-scores.

I really enjoy the game, my favorite activity is doing raids. I decided to join this raids clan called Overload PvM a few days ago. I was treated very poorly and criticized a lot for how I did raids and also made fun of in the cc a lot.

I got pretty angry about it when they kicked me from the clan for admitting I had Asperger's syndrome,which is a high functioning form of Autism. I was upset that I was kicked from the channel and said some things on their discord.

Instead of trying to work it out with me and understand that buy RS gold this is part of my mental condition, they proceeded to ban me from their clan chat and discord. This is not the first instance of this. About a year ago the same thing happened with a clan called Knights of PvM.