I'm sure pretty RS gold pennies were tossed at him

I'm sure pretty RS gold pennies were tossed at him to land this gig. Even so, it's obvious that many things were tossed to the side because someone, "felt it wasn't right for the piece.I respect that, but only if it's done to their own music.

RuneScape music is the Players' music. There were way too many artistic liberties taken on an already perfect piece. In my honest opinion, Ian Taylor was the only person that could've changed this theme because he was the one who made it.

I just feel like some extra thought and preparations would have made the already amazing theme in to something far greater.I realize I don't have the best punctuation or grammar, but I appreciate the time anyone took to read this.

Feedback is welcomed. If you disagree, let me know OSRS Gold and why. I'd love to hear.pls add Melodrama to both RuneScape and Old School RuneScape's albums bcuz that's my bop ty made it kinda readable.