More interested in RS gold the dungeo

More interested in RS gold the dungeon crawling aspects. not so interested on kingdommaking and all that. easy to learn but meaningful encumbrance rules. i don't want the players to magically get all the loot they can find instead of taking in account how much they can carry for example.

If later on they slay a dragon, i want them to think what they're gonna do with that marvelous gold hoard something that works well with existing adventures or at least make them easy to convert easy to learn mechanics don't want the players drowning on a sea of small different rulesfor now.

That's all i can think of. i've heard about four main retroclones out there: Labyrinth Lord, Swords and Wizardry, Basic Fantasy RPG and Delving Deeper.if you guys give me any reccomendation by all means don't limit yourselves to that small  list.

Maybe there's some other good retroclone i'm not aware buy RS gold of and i'm all for learning.Today after not playing osrs for what seems like half a year played a bit during the release of the much hyped DeadMan Mode, I attempted to log onto runescape.