Which I don't RuneScape gold believe is true

Which I don't RuneScape gold believe is true, because I don't download any suspicious files, and don't give my account details to anyone.So yesterday I died on dmm and I lost my bank and I was too lazy to rebuild so I logged on this morning and bought m old school gold to swap to dmm.

I bought it from a website met the guy ingame got it then I hopped worlds to swap to oakdice and I got perm banned for being a gold farmer. First off I know rwt is against the rules and not allowed I was just stupid and wanted to save time.

I woudent have cared about the rwt ban since I know it was my fault, but that changed as soon as my friend told me emilyispro got banned for  weeks only when she bought gold very recently I think this is super unfair.

The way I got treated differently then another runescape OSRS Gold player I also think maybe I got banned because I was a level  on osrs and a level  on dmm, the ban system might have banned me as a gold farmer just because I was a level  with.