My knowledge OSRS Gold of this sort of thing

My knowledge OSRS Gold of this sort of thing is basically nonexistent, so I was hoping someone else might be able to chime in. Again, probably just someone stealing my account, but I was wondering if there is literally anything that could inadvertently be detected as rd party software by the client.

I'm not ranting, nor am I trying to ignite some kind of populist online movement to unban my babby account. I'll happily delete the post if requested, I was just kind of confused.Yes, this happened to me and apparently a few other merchers.

So here's what happened. It's a decently long read but it's worth taking the time to hear about my situation. Maybe something can be done.Just coming back off of a small break from Runescape, my first few days went normally. A little background about the status that I've built ingame.

I am one of the biggest and well known rares buy OSRS gold merchants on RS. Lots of people know about me and go to me for business. Through merchanting, I've met a numerous amount of people who played both RS and 0 I have been asked by these people to swap since 0 was released.