So doing a swapping RuneScape gold service for

So doing a swapping RuneScape gold service for these people was a nobrainer. I'm making a decent chunk of gp off the swap and they're happy with the swapping service. win situation right Wrong.So a few days into my return.

I meet a guy who asks me to swap his GP from OSRS to RS. Keep in mind this guy is a staker, told me he won gp at the arena, and wanted to exchange his 0 gp for RS gp. This is important, remember this going forward.

Again, I make money off of merching the swap rates, so I conduct business as I normally would. The swap consisted of .b 0 in total, broken down into  trades on 0 00m/00m/0m. The rate given to him was ., so he received 0m RS exactly for his.

All trades were done on the same account QV, and a OSRS Gold review of the trade logs will confirm this. Whatever GP I received from 0, the equivalent was given to the person on RS meaning no GP was actually lost. Hence the word swap.