It's as if whatever RS gold account can be

It's as if whatever RS gold account can be linked to these banned accounts automatically gets flagged and banned by the system, which probably led to my own permanent ban. Furthermore, if the person who swapped with me was an rwter.

Shouldn't the person who actually did wrong get banned I have no control or knowledge with what another person does with their money, I'm just here doing regular legitimate business to make a profit. Banning my account because of the actions of a completely different person is just wrong.

As I am confident on my innocence, I have nothing to hide. All I want is a fair manual review. Everything can be seen, chat logs, trade history, go back as far as you like, It will prove that I did nothing wrong.

I am not associated to the person I traded in any way aside from OSRS Gold them swapping with me. To concentrate this approach, I am sure that my ban is connected to the swap that I did for that person. Like i said above, 0m 0 was taken and 0m RS was given.