But all I've seen tend RS gold to look at the

But all I've seen tend RS gold to look at the issue from just one of many angles, each one omitting different piece of information and the end result is that one has to read them all and put them together and that can be very confusing.

I also realize this comes somewhat late, but on the other hand, if you're like me, you give these things maximum thought before deciding.What I want to do is to go relicbyrelic and analyze them all, giving maximum relevant information so it's all in one place.

Before I start, let me talk about elemental boosts for a sec. I used to think this is common knowledge by now, but apparently a lot of people still don't know they should pay attention to these and/or how important they are.

Short version take them. It's a strong multiplicative damage cheap RS gold boost that cannot be replaced by anything else. The SSB or LMR it teaches had better be insanely good to justify taking a relic without an elemental boost.