Secondly the game RS gold is simply inferior.

Secondly the game RS gold is simply inferior. It is boring, slowerpaced, unbalanced, and too easy. The graphics are outdated, and yes I joined the game in 00 when the game functioned like it does in the old school servers, but great improvements have been made since then.

PKing is completely unfair. For example, casting a spell in the game called ice barrage will stun and bind a player while hitting them for a large amount of damage. In PvP zones, this prevents a player from having any chance of fighting back if attacked.

As the spell prevents them from moving. Keep in mind that RuneScape does not function like other MMOs. Dying in a dangerous area results in the loss of everything you have on your person except your three most valuable items or literally everything if you have been skulled.

Meaning you attacked a player in the PvP zone. There are OSRS Gold other weapons with overpowered special attacks in this game that players in those zones are completely defenseless against. This is not true in RuneScape.