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Of which have yet RuneScape gold been converted according to the Joshua database. India contains the largest number of targeted groups. Sample targets  among the Buddhists  the  Bhotias in Sikkim, and the , Sherpas, the ,0 Tibetan Buddhists and the  Marathi Nau Buddhists.

The  Bania Jains; among the Muslims  the  Ansaris, the  Sayyids, the ,0 Faqirs and the ,0 Ganchis. The tribal religionists are, of course, the easiest targets, many of them having already been reached  a remaining sample include the Mongpa.

All ofpeople, following Tibetan Himalayan customs. The Sikhs are another major target  further divided into  groups, from the  Jat Sikhs to theAssamese Sikhs. Among the  Hindu target groups  the . million Aroras.

The million Yadavs the million Nairs, the Sonar community of OSRS Gold nearly million people to the barely ,0 Kashmiri Hindu Zargars.To each of these thousands of target groups gets assigned church planting teams, missionaries resources.