Hinduism that teaches RuneScape gold just as

Hinduism that teaches RuneScape gold just as all rivers lead to the ocean, all religions lead to God, dominates the thinking of the masses.  Many Hindus revere Jesus as another god. Yet their eyes are blinded to the uniqueness of Christ.

The goal then of evangelical conversion is to lift the blindness of pluralism to convert into an exclusive belief system. Indeed without that no conversion can take place. If it was simply the question of learning from another way.

Or accepting another way as true, one need not actually be converted to do that. All conversion is a conversion into exclusivism. For all those concerned with retaining India’s pluralistic ethos evangelical activity should thus be of particular concern.

It is not surprising then, that after decades of RS gold successful conversion activity in Nagaland, the separatist groups that routinely use terrorist methods against their opponents have the exclusive slogan of Nagaland for Christ.