According to the census in Japan RuneScape gold for instance

According to the census in Japan RuneScape gold for instance,  of the population of Japan declared itself as followers of Shinto and  of the same population also declared itself as Buddhist. Clearly, a significant fraction considered themselves multiple religious participants.

Even in India, early British census takers were flummoxed by people happy to subscribe to multiple religions till they were coerced by the colonial census to choose one or the other. This pluralism, deeply ingrained in the Indian people.

Finds expression as far back as the Rig Veda and the Ashoka pillars. Sharma states If the Indian censustakers did not insist that one can only belong to one religion significantly a British and therefore Western legacy I would not be at all surprised if the Indian religious statistical reality began to resemble the Japanese.

However, Article  of the charter of human rights OSRS Gold presupposes that one can only belong to one religion at a time. As Sharma continues, If one believes that one can only belong to one religion at a time, then it stands to reason that religious freedom would essentially consist of one’s freedom to change such affiliation by the voluntary exercise of choice.