At the same time RS gold such freedom should

At the same time RS gold such freedom should not extend to constraining the freedom of others to practice without interference.Augmenting the human right to practice as well as change one’s religion with the rights of communities.

To be free of organized campaigns that aim to destroy the practice of their traditions by conversion into exclusive religious systems would provide a necessary balance for maintaining religious harmony and protecting cultural and religious diversity.

I just swapped 0m RS to Old School, I would probably rate this about a .If you wait longer than  minutes in live chat, you get bonus gold. This is a lie, I was never even offered this once the person entered my chat. I was waiting .

Although it's not an issue as it's just free gold for OSRS Gold waiting and the wait wasn't too long, but you shouldn't advertise it as it's not true.The swap should of been for M although AFTER trading the swapper my 0m I was told they only had .