Some people have come RuneScape gold from Mumbai.

Some people have come RuneScape gold from Mumbai. They want me to do a post mortem. Such cutting is against Hindu Dharma’. Soon Ramdev’s men got the body ready and set off to cremation ghats.Ramdev’s biggest fall came during his participation in the Anna movement.

He wanted to use the movement for his political mileage. Hence while the original protesters were focused on a stronger Lokpal bill, Ramdev was more about bringing black money back. So he sat on a fast onto death protest.

Meanwhile there was a backdoor meeting with senior Congress members Pranab Mukerjee, P.K Bansal, Kapil Sibal and Subodh Kant Sahay. He then agreed to something and then went ahead and did the exact opposite. This ired the Congress as at midnight the cops swooped on the protestors with lathi charge.

Ramdev of course famously tried to escape dressed in RS gold a white salwar kameez Part of the credit towards the success of Patanjali should go to their exCEO  S.K Patra. He helped them lay the foundations, setup best practices for what was a highly disoriented company with no ethics or standard operating procedures.