Ramdev is a businessman RuneScape gold politician

Ramdev is a businessman RuneScape gold politician and godman rolled into one. He has no doubt helped popularize Yoga and Ayurveda in India. The people who speak to the author are no doubt captivated, influenced and no doubt bullied by him.

His close association with BJP government today means none of the open cases would move anytime soon. His target is to get Patanjali to  crores by 0. And under the environment of nationalistic and swadeshi assertions he very well might do it.

Finally, I realise that the TL;DR post itself needs a TL;DR. But its quite hard summarizing a book without loosing on intricacies. Hence once again would recommend reading the book.Edit Formatting

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Thanks for the Gold kind stranger. Though I would rather have OSRS Gold people reading the book. While Indian non fiction writing and publishing are much to be desired, ventures like these must be encouraged. That will allow us to see similar good books that talk about interesting men