Fear sadness loss RuneScape gold of control.

Fear sadness loss RuneScape gold of control. I think it was one of the first panic attacks I had though there were probably more before. I remember crying so much the police got him when I pulled away from school I was elementary.

I remember his pockets being checked him being pushed a little though he said nothing. I remember not understand. I remember lots of panic out of me. I remember telling them to bring him back and after several police trying to calm me down in the car thinking about wanting to hit them with a school binder.

Then the other when he was prosecuted my aunt who was not any better then him even in reflection having a face of contempt for him me and n mom. I remember going to the court room when the court described sexual things they told me to leave but I could hear it through the court door.

I remember crying a lot even more and feeling a tightness RS gold in my chest as I stupidly left before and went through those doors that turned around kinda like some hotels but I was having a panic attack probably and very little though I thought I was adult it was electric so I got caught in.