Most of my things being gone RuneScape gold My brain

Most of my things being gone RuneScape gold My brain being lonely. No one monitoring my states of depression or money. Though I should be in a shelter.What if no one believes me So far no one outside has that could actually help me.

How would a police person suddenly believe me I try to logicalize it as safety everyone needs to be safe but my heart knows my n parents will see it as some kinda revenge. Were black were spoon fed police story and even more if there narcs.

What if a life where it looks and feels good is idealism What if a love with poisonous abuse is unrealistic even for me.What if my brother will not go to a better place what if I will never see him again I have always been unwanted if I am wanted I don't suspect it.

I think there's a ulterior motive.A police officer believe me RS gold I don't look nice enough to be credible just shaved my edges I will be angry or have a panic attack. I will look tortured. My mother will try to shout a thousand reasons why. To fool him. Maybe even should my old kid diagnosis of schizophrenia or slow processing disorder or the fact I am a suicide risk .