They did say I needed a tooth RuneScape gold cleaning

They did say I needed a tooth RuneScape gold cleaning. They did look a little werid at n parents decision to not uses a x ray into they checked if they had maxed it. There was a look on there faces that seemed to know without saying that though my teeth were good I had never gone and even the cavity's were avoidable. There were only  cavity's and I did not need braces they asked if I ever had them I said no. Lots a plaque though.

My brothers were far worse though hes  n parents not only did not send him to the dentist when he needed braces.But gave him so much soda  to  a dayas a pacify er for years.He qualifies now for a root canal, braces and has  to  cavity's in teeth Mom them yelled at him a bit in the car.

Angry I told mom. You are the parent. Stop giving him them.And its your fault once he gets a need for braces he cannot just fix them, you have to.Your the parent.Nmom is thinking about helping him now but is only thinking about fillings and some medication so he will not need a root canal. Maybe braces. Though she keeps saying its expensive.

Mom said she wouldn't then we went a to olive garden RS gold and let him down  sugar drinks.I took him to see toys are us as it going out of business. We went in he saw this  dollar skate board thing as everything's on clearance as its about leave or be saved.